Spoons I admire

When I began this blog, I intended it as a sort of digital scrapbook for myself.  This page is where that effort started.  I was not always as precise with attribution as I could have been in those early days.  If you see something here that you made, drop me a line and I will give you credit.


Shots from the NOGGIN gathering at Oliver "Peck" Pratt's place, 10-10-15
Jan Harm ter Brugge, this and the four following.

Adam Hawker

Jan Harm ter Brugge

Jarrod Stone Dahl.  I love his handles.   Narrow yet shapely.  And the bowl shape is sublime.

Cyril Sormani

Anja Sundberg

Spoons from Oliver Pratt's collection:

Jarrod StoneDahl

Don Nalezyty 
Jane Mickelborough's interpretation, this and next two.

Alan Robinson

Jon Purkins

Lee Stoffer

Hout van Bomen



Don Nalezyty

Don Nalezyty

Hout van Bomen

Wonderful form by Derek Sanderson

From the Digital Museum, Sweeden

Don Nalezyty getting crazy with lazer cut templates

By Lee Stoffer
Such a variety of forms.  Endless inspiration here...

by Yoav Baitner
I love the idea of a "keel" on the top of the handle that seems to dive through and continue under the handle...

Two by Peter Follansbee, with great chip carving.
Follansbee. love the use of lines and chip carving.

Great negative space!  Lines and chip carving.

Mark Angelini

Oliver Pratt.  Love the stab carving.

From Jarrod StoneDal's site, from the MN "Spoon Gathering."  An antique spoon. I love the way the rim of the bowl meets the stem.  Also, the wonderful form of the handle contrasting with the grace of the stem.

Some spoons from Robin Wood's collection:
Fritiof Runhall

Fritiof Runhall

JanHarm ter Brugge

Jojo Wood

Kieth Matthews

Peter Kohidi

Robin Wood

Wille Sundqvist

Some amazing spoons by Dave Fisher

I love the shape of this one!

A bit of lovely kolrosing, some with paprika and cinnamon! 

The latest from Jarrod Stone Dahl

Spoons by Steve Tomlin

From Jarrod StoneDahl, Wisconsin.




Not a spoon, yes I know.  But inspirational.

Some of Peter Follansbee's work


  1. Very nice collection, happy to be in- The top one is mine too, and 'hout van bomen': Thats me ;) Cheers and very best regards from the woods, JH

    1. Thanks Jan. I will update the credits. Someday hope to own one of your spoons. Glad you and Alex got to spend so much time together recently. I am envious of him!

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