Friday, April 25, 2014

Musick Notes

I am sure many of you know about Country Workshops.  If not, take a look.  Their latest newsletter included a wonderful bonus: class notes taken by Dan Musick taken during what looks like a bowl carving class.

I love these notes, for their simplicity, for the ideas, but most of all for the lovely drawing.  Dan took real time to ink and letter the drawings, adding washes of color for visual interest.  He obviously has experience as an illustrator or an architect.  Great stuff.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Alyssa's Anniversary Bowl

Birch, soaked in flax/beeswax for ten minutes, "Red" milk paint.  Tensions during drying were too much, and it cracked in a few places.  Design inspired by Jarrod StoneDahl's Norwegian Ale Bowls.

 It also stacks with Mae's Snail Bowl

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mazie's Birthday Bowl

My youngest daughter, Mae, has been on a snail kick lately.  She is drawing them, getting books from the library about them, and hunting for them throughout the garden (they have yet to "hatch," or whatever snails do in the spring, to her great consternation.)  So, for her birthday, we had a bit of a snail theme with the gifts.  She received a very cool knit/felted snail made by a crafty Canadian on Etsy:

With that in mind, here is Mazie's birthday bowl.  Maple, I think, soaked for ten minutes in flax oil/beeswax bath, engraved and painted with "Granny Smith Green" milk paint.

Design profile inspired by Jarrod StoneDahl's Norwegian ale bowls.