Design elements

This page is a digital scrapbook of sorts, a dumping ground for design and decoration ideas.

Thanks to Ty Thornock for the basics of basket weave
"Okay, basket weave in 3 easy steps 
smile emoticon. Draw your grid as in 1 on your spoon. I have shaded in 3 squares to make a rectangle. This rectangle is your unit. I only cut the long sides of the rectangle. In 2 you see I have 3 units. Each unit buts into the middle square of the next unit.. 3 shows how it starts to look as it all comes together."

Don Nalezyty

Finally, a good tutorial on fan bird carving!  Wonderful work, Ty Thornock.

Iron work and pottery from the MET

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  1. Glad you found the tutorial useful! I should update it with a couple minor things, now that I look back on it.