Friday, December 22, 2017

New shop

Settling into a new shop space, and it makes me happy. 

For the past thirteen years we have lived "on campus" at the school where I work. I am very thankful for that time in our lives, especially as it let us save money for a getaway in New Hampshire.  My first shop was set up there, which meant most of my woodworking happened during vacations.  But this spring we finally moved off campus and into our own home (just a few miles down the road from my job.) 

It is a great little house for a lot of reasons, but I was especially excited about the possibilities for a basement workshop. 

You can see it has a fireplace, which took a bit of cleaning before it would function.  The chimney sweep said it had not been cleaned for years... 

But once I got things sorted, it is now feeling homey, especially when I have the fire going.

I am still sorting out the lighting situation, and I need to paint and get tool racks up.  But this is a good start.  Makes me happy.

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