Friday, January 13, 2017

A visit from Oliver

Over the past week my pal Oliver Pratt has come to stay with us in Massachusetts while he takes a class.  We have both been busy, basically catching up in the evenings after hectic days, but what a joy it has been.  Oliver is working at Lie Nielsen Toolworks now, and they are lucky to have him.  He is super thoughtful and knowledgable about green woodworking.  He produces some mighty fine spoons himself--very refined, with delicate necks, fine cuts, and with finials so tiny you just might miss them.  Here are two examples: the one on the bottom he traded to me two years ago during his last spoon gathering, and the one on the top he brought this week as a gift.
Cherry eaters by Oliver

Oliver also laid down some sharpening wisdom during our week together.  I have struggled to get my hook knives as sharp and nick-free as my straight knives, and he showed me a method that works amazingly well.  Sandpaper!?  After all I have put into water stones and diamond stones, simple sandpaper works amazingly well on the curved blades.  Scary sharp, and not a nick in sight.

So many of us work in solitude, especially in the winter.  It was a real shot in the arm to have some creative feedback and inspiration.  Thanks Oliver.

Gave this one to Oliver.


  1. Love that spoon, Eric. Is that kolrossing or pyrography?

    Dave Fisher