Saturday, October 3, 2015

Spoons from Maine--Jogge, David, Ben and Masashi

Jogge Sundqvist
Jogge Sundqvist, photo by Mike Murray
Jogge's roughed out spoons.  Photo by Mike Murray

Jogge illustrating the cross-thumb grasp

Spoon by Dave Fisher, out of witch hazel (who knew you could carve witch hazel!!!)
This spoon is so nice it deserves a post in itself.  Not a speck of wood to spare, and the lettering is gorgeous.

Spoon by Ben Kirk
Love that robust keel

Japanese lacquered spoon, by Masashi Kutsuwa.  His wife did the lacquering.  Seven or so thin coats. You can also make out the rough cloth under the lacquer on the handle.  I loved how its texture broke up the uniformity of the spoon.

The surface is not just shiny, it pulls you in...

Ainu spoon, from the collection of Masashi Kutsuwa

Engraving texture is like fish scales...


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, Eric. I had no photos of Masashi's spoons, and wished I had. It was fascinating talking with him about Japanese woodworking, the Ainu, lacquer, and so on. Also, you got a great shot of Jogge's custom reindeer hide apron!

  2. Hello Eric,
    You have a very nice web site and blog. I really liked the tab about Design Elements. I did a lot of chip carving before I started making spoons and found this site a few years ago. Seeing your choices in Design Elements jogged my memory. I think you will enjoy these pics.

    Tom Goodman