Monday, September 21, 2015

Spoon Design Kit

Got a great little parcel today from Don Nalezyty. He has come up with a nifty tool for laying out spoons.  The Spoon Design Kit is sort of a french curve for spoons, with various forms and shapes that you can trace to adjust your spoon designs. Everything from different bowl sizes to handle shapes to finials.  Even has one card for basketweave kolrosing and the like, and the whole bunch fits in your wallet.  I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

A deal at $15
For more info or to get yourself one, see his facebook page.


  1. One more thought:
    I am thinking that it will really help with refining hand drawings. Some people might use it to create spoons right from the template, but I suspect it can also be used to refine rough sketches and make any form you like. Some might worry that this will create a bunch of people making nearly identical spoon designs. My sense is the possibilities are endless if you use it to refine your sketches.
    Also, I prefer to draw spoon designs on paper, make a quick cut out template, and transfer that to the spoon blank (rather than sketch out a design on the wood.) That way I can test out one shape over and over, see how the end result works, and when I find a problem, go back and refine the template and improve the design. (That said, I have seen a lot of amazing spoons that come from hand sketched designs right on the blank.)

  2. Eric, thanks for sharing the SDK with the larger audience of spoon carvers. I wanted to add a quick update to avoid confusion.

    The price has increased to $20 to ensure I was doing better than break even.

    Many Thanks,