Monday, February 17, 2014

A productive weekend

From left to right, apple, apple and rhododendron.

The apple is getting pretty tough to carve, and splits are opening up at inopportune moments, which explains the squat, fat bowls and the strangely short handle on the center spoon.  Rhododendron is a dream to carve though.  Freshly cut this fall, it is green and lovely, a welcome break from the rather dry apple.  
Here are a few more shots.  

Thinking about painting the one with the finial and then chip carving.  All will get an oil bath when good and dry.


  1. Wow, Eric. Beautiful work there. Adjusting your design as the wood reveals it's sometimes questionable character is part of the game, and you've done that very well. That last shot, the profile, is an excellent demonstration of your eye for line and flow, as well as the geometry of an ergonomic design. Beautiful.
    Dave Fisher