Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Simply Yoav from Schwachter X-photography on Vimeo.

So much of my interest in green woodworking has to do with leading a simpler life.  Well, that is not entirely true.  With family I find it hard to think I might live in a yurt.  But the principle of it still appeals to me.  Also, what if I burn out entirely on teaching and just can't go on?  What then?  I would like to think I have a skill set beyond academic education.  Maybe my interest in this is a way of designing a back door on my current life?  Who knows.
Anyway, above is a lovely video about living simply in Israel.


  1. Just found this post Eric. Love it. My interests and fascination with simplicity, permaculture,and green woodworking are perfectly echoed. I just wish I'd committed myself to making my life this way at a much younger age. I am now in my early 50's and feeling a little like I've missed the boat. But - I'll do what I can to incorporate elements of this type of life into my current reality. It's more challenging when you have a spouse and family depending on you and your current "real world" income.

    1. Amen, Chuck. We do what we can while caring for those we love. It is a balance. For me, providing for my kids is the main reason I don't just jump ship, slide sideways, move to the woods. If course, there are arguments for moving the kids to the woods, but it is hard to walk away from all the opportunities they have in their current environment. But if one day they said that they did not want to go to the school where I teach and wanted to move up to New Hampshire permanently, we could not pack fast enough for me.