Bowls I admire

By Jarrod Stone Dahl

I think I found this pic on Jarrod's website?

Again, from Jarrod's site?

Endgrain cup, by Owen Thomas

Bowls from Oliver Pratt's collection:
Jarrod Stone Dahl

Roger Abramson

By Wesley Pilley




"Troys" from the Digital Museum

Interesting porringer with a spout
"Troys" NF.1895-0100

Digital Museum, SUM.00717

 Digital Museum

Digital Museum

Digital Museum,
search under "Treskål"

the four shots above by Jarrod StoneDahl, shots taken by Robin Wood.  The blue bowl with the frilled edge is by Wood.

Robin Wood.  I love the form of the handle.

Jan Harm ter Brugge

By Jarrod StoneDahl

From the Bodgers Ball, 2014. Shots by Niel Mapes.

From Jarrod's site, but not of his make.

Walnut bowl by Jane Mickleborough

Kuksa by Robin Wood

An excellent kuksa by Dave Fisher

By Jarrod StoneDahl

Bowls below by Robin Wood

The three bowls below are by the very talented Sharif Adams

artist unknown
artist unknown

From Spoonfest, author unknown

Not sure who turned this, but done on an electric lathe

Again, artist unknown

By Wesley Pilley, off of the Spoon Carving, Green Woodworking and Sloyd Facebook group

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